Air Shipping

King Sky is one of the largest air freight companies, offering air freight service to all countries of the world and relies on its close relationship with all international airlines as well as international freight forwarders who are in all countries of the world and enjoy excellent service and good reputation. Every place and experts King Sky and here I mean the staff specialized in this field of air cargo for their skill and experience in the performance of their mission to provide the service brilliantly and honestly and accurately

Maritime Shipping

King Sky Co. is one of the leading companies in the field of shipping. It has the elements that make it a pioneer in all types of import and export. It has an international presence in this field. It is classified as a shipping company from the first shipping company in Egypt. And the efficiency that makes us in the lead and King Sky has a good reputation in the field of shipping in all types (Maritime Shipping- - Air Shipping- - land Shipping) because the goal of the company is to satisfy the customer

Land shipping

King Sky is one of the largest shipping companies and offers land freight service to all the countries of the Gulf as well as to Baya and Sudan and depend on the strong relationship with all Arab countries as well as freight forwarders located in all the Gulf countries are enjoying excellent service and reputation and therefore King Sky gained the trust of its customers in Every place and experts are King Sky Import and Export Company. Here, the specialized personnel in this field are concerned with the field of land freight by their work with utmost accuracy and efficiency with their skill and experience in performing their mission.